Shuttle rides & tours at the most scenic parts of Mediterranean

We are keep being in search of the region’s new gems so our route map is constantly growing. What we have already understood is that Mediterranean coast is endless, completely different in its parts but everywhere is fantastically beautiful. Started from Albanian Riviera route in 2017, now we have also discovered to our customers charming Amalfi & French Riviera routes, authentic tours across Lebanon coast and its heritage sights, coastal route asross ancient Lycian way in Turkey and route at one of the beautiful parts of Croatian Adriatic coast – Dalmatian Riviera. Such different places but always same quality of RivieraBus standards. It is not just a boring transfer from A to B, but always an enjoyable adventure with all needed facilities: new and comfy minivans, professional & licensed drivers, free wi-fi & bottled water on board, ideal route plan with stops at most picturesque places. Being inspired by Mediterranean beauty we are full of energy and ideas to keep developing and expand touristic services in this region to let you enjoy new unforgettable adventures with RivieraBus…